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Tekla Estelle is my mother’s name. Mom was a beautiful woman, with exquisite taste and style. She loved jewelry, and had wonderful pieces that she had collected since she was a child. But her very favorite piece was her 14K gold charm bracelet full of charms that my father bought for her over their 54 years together. As a child, the charms fascinated me - I loved sitting on her lap, and she would go through the charms on her bracelet, telling me about each charm and what they represented. Those events all came alive as she reminisced. At an early age I understood what jewelry “means” – it’s not just something pretty, not just something stylish. Jewelry is a sentimental talisman to the wearer - it is about love, laughter, and all the trials and events of our lives. Jewelry makes a difference in your life –you love wearing it, and enjoy the way it makes you feel – it is something that has value beyond the metal or stone content.

The jewelry on teklaestelle.com is jewelry my mother would have enjoyed. Each piece can be worn and cherished for a lifetime and beyond. It is all jewelry that Tekla Estelle would proudly wear.

Her daughter,

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